We are IDG

We provide the physical protection, specialist skills and peace of mind that enable a diverse array of International Organisations to carry out crucial work in dangerous and insecure settings.

Our Expertise

Site Security

Ensuring safety and operational continuity for client sites around the world.

We work with a range of clients, from International Organisations to hotel operators, to offer a secure environment for employees, visitors and guests in high risk and remote environments.

K9 Protection & Explosive Detection

Protecting people and places with specialist dogs.

Our dogs are teamed with experienced handlers to create specialist dog teams for both detection and patrol.

Training And Capacity Building

Building capacity by developing the capability and security skills of your personnel.

IDG security training provides your people with the tools they need to minimise risks and protect your organisation.

Security Risk Management

Reducing your exposure to risks, withstanding threats and saving lives.

We ensure your organisation is ready to face potential threats through prevention, contingency planning, testing and evaluation.

Close Protection

Highly trained and dedicated at-hand protection.

Working in high-risk areas IDG personal security details provide highly trained security operators who are dedicated to the personal protection of their clients.

हामी जस्तो कोही पनि छैन
(There is nobody quite like us)

From a heritage founded in the values of the Brigade of Gurkhas of the British Army, we now employ a diverse workforce around the world. We are united by a sense of responsibility to the clients we serve, and each other. Our commitment to the communities in which we operate, and extraordinary ethical standards, set us apart.

Where We Operate

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