Site Security

Ensuring safety and operational continuity for client sites around the world.

Organisations operating in high-risk and volatile areas need to know that their facilities, operations, premises and people are safe and protected. We work with a range of clients, from International Organisations to hotel operators, to offer a secure environment for employees, visitors and guests in high-risk or remote environments.

Our Approach

Our approach considers static security in the context of the surrounding environment, beyond the site perimeter, by assessing adjacent threats that could directly or indirectly impact site security.

We follow four principles of protection:

Make the target unattractive, inaccessible or difficult to defeat.
Identify, using both physical and electronic measures, any intrusion to the site.
Respond quickly to prevent an intruder from achieving their objective.
Mitigate the potential consequences of an incident by resisting damage or quickly recovering from the consequences.

IDG’s Site Security Services

We implement security measures that minimise inconvenience and maximise protection.


  • Armed guarding
  • Unarmed guarding
  • Entry control and access control systems
  • Perimeter integrity
  • Vehicle/Personnel search
  • Explosive Detection Dogs

 External Environment

Policies, Plans & Procedures

  • Security plans
  • Emergency communications
  • systems
  • Crisis management
  • Evacuation plans
  • Business continuity plans

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