14 Dec 21 – Maintaining our operations in Afghanistan

As a provider of security to the key International Organisations present in Afghanistan since the early 2000s, IDG continues to enable those who work towards the country’s stability and prosperity. During the upheaval of summer 2021, IDG was the only international security organisation to remain in the country alongside these IOs, and fully operational.

We have been able to do so due to our strict neutrality, our adherence to the rule of law and support for fundamental human rights, the professionalism and resilience of our organisation and people, and our unshakeable commitment to our clients regardless of the difficulties they or we might face

IDG remains able to deliver effectively across Afghanistan. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

2 Nov 2021 – Successful repatriation of stranded Nepalese Nationals

The IDG Afghanistan country management team recently became aware that 34 Nepalese nationals had become stranded in Kabul. They had been brought to Afghanistan several months previously by labour agents in Nepal, on the promise of work that never transpired. As a result, they were left with no funds and with no means to leave the country following the upheaval of the events of summer 2021.

On learning of the group’s predicament in AugustIDG arranged for them to be brought to the company’s headquarters in Kabul. They were provided secure accommodation, meals and medical assistance, while the country management team worked closely with the Nepalese authorities to return them home to Nepal.

IDG is now pleased to report that all 34 have been successfully and safely repatriated from Kabul to Kathmandu.

15 Aug 21 – Continuing our vital work

IDG provides security and protection at a large number of key International Organisations’ sites across Afghanistan.  The Company has a long-term contractual obligation to provide this service – and despite the challenges presented by the current situation, we will continue to do so for as long as these IOs require this vital support.

Our staff are safe and secure and this will remain our key priority. We have taken and will continue to take, all possible measures to ensure their safety, good health and welfare.