Security Risk Management

Reducing your exposure to risks, withstanding threats and saving lives.

In an unpredictable world, organisations that understand and mitigate potential threats are better placed to prevent crises; and deal with them when they happen. IDG identifies and analyses potential risks that affect your ability to achieve your objectives. We then ensure organisational readiness through: prevention, contingency planning, testing and evaluation.

Security Risk Assessments

We build your risk profile by reviewing physical security risks, as well as identifying risks unrelated to security such as reputation.

Our deep understanding of the conditions in which you operate allows us to develop an accurate assessment of the threats to your people, assets and organisation by establishing:

Asset characterisation
What do we want to protect?
Threat Identification
What are we protecting against?
Consequence Analysis
What are the consequences of loss?
Vulnerability analysis
What are the current and expected vulnerabilities?
Threat assessment
How might individuals or groups involved in malicious activity view our assets?
Risk assessment
An expression of risk in the form of an empirical calculation.
Risk prioritisation
What do we want to protect first? With what level of protection?
Risk management
What types of protection measures are appropriate?

Crisis Management

Through workshops, assessments and scenario-based exercises we consult with clients so they can respond to the dynamics of a crisis situation:


Unexpected speed – staying across events as they unfold fast and unpredictably.

Lack of control – taking, and keeping, the initiative.

Stakeholder challenges – crisis communications and media management.

Confusion and stress – making-decisions with partial information and changing team dynamics.

Uncertainty – predicting outcomes.

Loss – mitigating risks to people, time, money, market share, reputation and morale.

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