The preferred UN security supplier for nearly two decades.

IDG’s Afghan operation was registered in Kabul in 2004 as a prime contractor to provide security services directly to the United Nations and its Agencies, Funds and Programmes and it has done so continuously, with distinction, since then. We enable many UN agencies to fulfil their respective missions to assist the government and people of Afghanistan in capacity building, reconciliation, reconstruction and development.

Our Approach

IDG Security teams are an integral part of our clients’ missions in Afghanistan. We maintain armed and non-armed guard forces and Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) teams for a range of UN and non-governmental clients including the World Food Programme (WFP), UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Our clients testify to the value of the working relationship they have with IDG.

Gurkha and Local National Guard Force for United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Afghanistan
“IDG continually delivers a very professional service, very often going beyond the terms and conditions of the contract to meet WFP Security requirements.” Head of Security Unit, World Food Programme (WFP), Afghanistan
Armed and Unarmed Guards and EDD teams for Afghanistan Resident Mission (AFRM)
“IDG delivers highly professional services to AFRM providing well trained and disciplined former Gurkha soldiers and officers as well as responsive and client-oriented project management. These teams are considered invaluable to ADB’s continued operations in Afghanistan.” Country Director, Afghanistan Resident Mission (AFRM)
Armed and Unarmed Guards and EDD teams for UNICEF, Afghanistan
“IDG has performed its contracted tasks in a highly competent and an extremely professional manner at all times. UNICEF has enjoyed a close working relationship with IDG and, as the Country Field Security Adviser of UNICEF, I have no hesitation in recommending IDG, its services and its management team highly.” Country Field Security Adviser, UNICEF, Afghanistan

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