Grievance & Whistleblowing

IDG operates strict Grievance & Whistleblowing procedures, which get to the heart of issues that need to be addressed.

All submissions are held in complete confidence, and each is investigated closely at the earliest possible time. IDG will always deal with such matters with the greatest transparency and integrity.

Grievances (Employees only).

Please use this form if you have a serious issue in your workplace that cannot be resolved through your usual chain of command, or if you feel you are being unfairly treated. It allows you to safely highlight such problems and ensures that you are heard regardless of your rank, location or position in the organisation.



If you have serious concerns relating to wrongdoing, corruption or the violation of human rights in the workplace, please use this form. If you are concerned for your own safety when you do so, then you may anonymously report such matters by leaving your name, number and email address blank.


Please see the Policies page for further detailed information on IDG’s approach to both Grievances and Whistleblowing.