Training & Capacity Building

Building capacity by developing the capability and security skills of your personnel.

We live in an unstable world. Staff that are faced with internal and external security threats in remote and hazardous environments need to know the fundamentals of how to minimise risk and increase overall security.

Our Approach

IDG security training provides your people with the tools they need to prevent risks and protect your organisation.

Systems Approach to Training (SAT)

Our expert instructors deliver specialist security and vocational training based on the internationally recognised Systems Approach to Training (SAT). SAT techniques have been developed globally by military and security training professionals, like us, to progressively improve students’ skills and knowledge, and to validate the effectiveness of the training.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

IDG’s HEAT teaches individuals deploying to hostile environments how to avoid and mitigate risks and how to cope with emergency situations. Our HEAT course gives delegates practical skills and knowledge that they can apply to real-life situations and often forms part of the legal Duty of Care our clients have; to provide staff with a safe working environment and to prepare and inform them of the security risks related to their working environment.

Personalised Security Training from IDG

IDG's personalised security training delivers courses that meet the specific requirements of your organisation and the context in which it operates.


  • Access control, screening, entry and exit procedures for visitors and contractors
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Hostile surveillance detection and counter-surveillance
  • First aid training
  • Fire and earthquake safety
  • Health and safety
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)/bomb threat awareness
  • Firearms training and safety
  • Kidnap avoidance and hostage survival skills
  • Hostile surveillance detection training
  • Security management mentoring and training
  • First responder and medical trauma training
  • Crisis management and basic crisis communications
  • Executive protection team training
  • Security guard training and mentoring
“I completed IDG’s HEAT course feeling confident that I had the practical skills to deal with security risks in hostile areas.”
IDG HEAT delegate, Myanmar

Our Security Training Credentials

We are an accredited by Highfield International, the Middle East and Asia's leading awarding organisation for international and regulated qualifications.

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