Close Protection

Highly trained and dedicated at-hand protection.

Working in high-risk areas is problematic. Simply getting from one place to another can be risky. Attending meetings, conferences, and conducting business, exposes you to risk.

An IDG personal security detail provides highly trained security operators who are dedicated to the personal protection of their clients.

Our Approach

IDG provides security teams based on an individual’s profile and threat level. Our close protection teams plan and secure all aspects of their principal’s business schedule.


A typical personal security detail will include a team of two or three discreet armoured SUVs. Each vehicle is run by an experienced driver and armed or unarmed personal protection officer (dependent on jurisdiction), and is kitted out with a range of communications systems and equipment needed to keep it moving. A team leader reports into the IDG operations room where all vehicles are tracked via secure satellite tracking to ensure real time movement monitoring. For higher level threats we increase protection with a security advance party or a follow-up team.


Our teams are trained to operate as a unit, with special tactics and well-rehearsed drills, whether in vehicles or on foot. The team leader will conduct detailed planning for all security aspects. They ensure routes are assessed and reconnoitred, venues are inspected, eventualities are considered and options are prepared. When at a meeting or venue the protection officer and team leader will accompany their client, to provide constant at-hand protection.

Our Services

  • Personal security detail - a dedicated VIP service for a named individual/principal
  • Security escort teams - a close protection capability designed to help a number of principals

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