K9 Protection & Explosive Detection

Protecting people and places with specialist dogs.

Our clients need assurance that no explosives will enter their facilities, premises, venues, businesses or aircraft without their knowledge or consent. Our dogs are teamed with experienced handlers to create specialist dog teams for either detection or patrol.

Our Approach

No machine or technological advancement has proven to be more successful in detecting explosives than an Explosive Detection Dog (EDD).

Our EDD teams can search an area four times faster than humans, and with much greater accuracy.  They are specialists in access control and area searches.

Our K9 Teams
We deploy and maintain K9 teams in some of the most challenging settings worldwide to detect and deter concealed weapons, as well as vehicle- or body-borne IEDs.

About Our Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Teams

We offer fully trained, certified and operationally proven Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) and handlers. Our detection dogs are trained to locate a full range of explosives including TNT, PETN, RDX, HMTD, TATP, nitrates and chlorates. They will also commonly locate concealed firearms and ammunition.

Our EDD services
Deterring and detecting threats to critical operations.
Entry control search and screening.
Searching venues, buildings and function areas prior to events or visits.
Vehicle, vessel and aircraft sweeps and entry checks.
Personnel and baggage checks.
Goods and delivery checks.

Our K9 Operational Standards

Our Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) teams have operated successfully in high-risk environments such as Afghanistan and Iraq since 2008.


All our teams are annually re-certified to ensure the highest standards are maintained and that any emerging threats are incorporated into our operating protocols. They maintain a proficiency level that exceeds international detection dog standards, including EU Standards 185/2010, 573/2010 and UNOPS.

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