Keeping air travellers safe

Aviation Security is one of the key enablers of movement and trade in the modern world. It ensures the safety of the extraordinary volumes of travellers, freight and airplanes which pass through airports globally each day.

Excellence in Aviation Security

IDG focuses on providing world-class aviation security in some of the most insecure operating settings, where the threats of terrorism, narcotics and people trafficking are at their greatest.


We deploy our ICAO-accredited Aviation Security specialists to assist both private clients and civil authorities. Our specialists bring decades of experience to bear in advising on every aspect of an airhead’s aviation security. They are able to 

  • Assess the unique safety and security requirements specific to any site, and particularly those in insecure operating environments
  • Design all systems, processes and measures required to operate the site to international standards of aviation safety
  • Provide interim management of the airport’s aviation security system once operational 
  • Comprehensively train airport staff and operators
  • Guide the airport operator through the process of receiving ICAO accreditation

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